Why the move to

In June 2013, we launched our new site The new site and branding has allowed us to expand our online offerings to not only include Xbox LIVE products, but also PSN subscriptions and vouchers, World of Warcraft subscriptions, PC games, and more. It also allowed us to redesign and improve our overall platform, and have been tweaking it for over 6 months. With that in mind, we've decided that it's time to fully embrace our new site and branding, and redirect all new orders to, with the aim for to become our primary online retail store.

What will happen to from 1 March 2014?

From 1 March 2014, all new orders will be redirected to where customers can checkout and receive their codes via the new site. will still remain active, and you can login and view your older orders, but all new orders will be processed on the new system. Unfortuntely, due to the differences in the and architecture, customers will need to register a new account on, however, if you attempt to login using your current credentials on, the registration form will be auto-populated with many of your current details, making the registration process as quick as possible.

So is really an improved

Exactly that! It's the same company, same staff, and same goals of providing the best experience out there. We hope customers will find the new design, product range and overall features of a step up, and a way for us to offer an even better service.

Questions or feedback?

Got a question or feedback about the upcoming changes? Please let us know via the contact us page!


Payment Options

1 Credit Card
2 Instant Bank Transfer (EFT)
3 Direct Transfer
4 Cash Deposit
5 Bitcoin

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