Payment Help
Why does my order say "Payment Pending" even after I've made payment through Payfast?

This can happen if the payment hasn't linked up from Payfast to us, which could be due to an incorrect beneficiary reference or not clicking the "Click here to verify your payment" button after the transaction. In this case, please first check whether the payment has arrived in your "Payfast Wallet", and if it has, follow the below step. Otherwise, please email along with a valid proof of payment. They will manually link the payment for you.

The payment has arrived in my Payfast Wallet on Payfast ("Funds Added to Account"), but the payment is still pending on MSPoints. What must I do?

This means that Payfast has received your payment, but has not linked it to MSPoints. This can happen if the "Click here to verify your payment" button is not clicked after making the EFT transfer or if there has been a delay in the payment. To resolve this, please view your order under My Orders, click on "Pay Now", choose the Instant EFT (Payfast) option, and then use the funds now found in your Payfast Wallet to complete the order.

I've made payment but it doesn't show in my Payfast Wallet and my order is still pending?

If the Payfast system has not registered your payment, please email along with proof of payment. They will manually link the payment for you.

If you're still experiencing payment problems, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at, or through our Contact Us page, and be sure to include your order number.


Payment Options

1 Credit Card
2 Instant Bank Transfer (EFT)
3 Direct Transfer
4 Cash Deposit
5 Bitcoin

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