Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit Instructions

To make payments via bank transfer or cash deposit, please use the following banking details:

Name: GP Digital CC
Beneficiary Reference: Your order number
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: 043296602
Account Type: Current
Branch Name: Howick
Branch Code: 05832544 (If restricted to 6 digits, drop the last two digits '44')

Please note: For EFT payments, only proof of payments generated and emailed directly to us from your bank will be accepted. Proof of payments forwarded or sent via personal email addresses will not be processed unless they can be verified on the original bank's website. In cases where the original proof of payment is not received, the order will be put on hold until payment has cleared into our account, which can take up to 3 business days.

Once payment has been made, please either email proof of payment to or fax it to (086) 569 3486. As soon as we can confirm the full amount has been paid using an acceptable proof of payment, we'll process your order.

Processing Times: Manual orders are processed by our sales staff during business hours, which are from 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, and excludes public holidays. If you would like to receive your code immediately on payment, please use our Instant EFT payment option by Payfast.


Payment Options

1 Credit Card
2 Instant Bank Transfer (EFT)
3 Direct Transfer
4 Cash Deposit
5 Bitcoin

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